Introduction Nico

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Introduction Nico

Postby ngoeminne » Thu Apr 28, 2016 14:40

Hello all,

I haven't gotten around to Introduce myself at all.

Where to begin? Ah, yes,... "Concerning Hobbits"

Clear to say I'm an old time MTG player, love fantasy books by Robin Hobb, Blake Charlton (check out his Spellwright Trilogy, there the main character is a dyslexic post-doctoral academic assistant named Nicodemus, so that's pretty much about me:-) , and numerous others.

I'm not into computer gaming, cause I spend already enough time behind a screen, coding, developing, etc...

I'm also kind of a newbie here, but like 'pinky and the brain', I'm always figuring way's to conquer the world (or at least my opponents battleground for the course of a game).

Questions about me, the ARC, the ORC, the project in general? Just ask, I'll be happy to reply, or point you to someone who can answer them. Need help in any aspect of the WTactics game dev, just ask and I'll see what I can do.

Want to come over to Belgium for a game of WTactics, you're welcome over as soon as snowdrop and I have finished the ORC and ARC and the two starter decks. (Guess, I'm safe till 2048, hehe)

And thus, the journey ends...

Kind regards,

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Re: Introduction Nico

Postby Peter » Sun May 01, 2016 17:01

I've put "Nicodemus" in German on my to-buy list.

Have a look at

a) "Black Sun Rising" the Coldfire series about a priest who allies with a demon and all the problems that arise from that.

b) Eoin Colfer "Artemis Fowl" about an Irish teen with too much criminal energy and Faerie Folk that has very sophisticated technology. Very funny!
Kind regards and happy coding :)

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Re: Introduction Nico

Postby ngoeminne » Mon May 02, 2016 21:29

Hey Peter,

I've read the books in Dutch, and Emmy Van Beest did an amazing job with the translation. The Dutch covers are also awesome and are done by Jesse Van Dijk. His artwork has been picked up by Hollywood and the gaming industry and he doesn't take any new commissions. Maybe one day we can ask him to do the artwork for a card. If he of course can live up to Santi's work :)

Kind regards and happy reading.

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