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by snowdrop
Sun Jul 25, 2010 21:59
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Topic: Invasion (Quest)
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Invasion (Quest)

Invasion (Quest) Cost: 0 Image:0 Gold.png Text: At the end of the turn, if you control more creatures than your opponent put a quest counter on ~, otherwise remove a counter. When there are 6 or more quest counters on ~, you win the game. Notes: Another Quest idea - values will probably change. Cre...
by snowdrop
Sat Jul 24, 2010 14:00
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Topic: Suggestion on how to organize the rules article(s)
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Re: Suggestion on how to organize the rules article(s)

I don't know, what you mean by "generic game mechanic article" - an article on a particular mechanic? Or an article desribing what a "real article on a game mechanic" should contain? /../ I would like to have different articles for different mechanics - for example one article on "army slots" (or w...