All projects that somehow make usage of code.
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What is WTBrowse?

WTBrowse is meant to be a browser client for WTactics.
It allows you to play multiplayer games just using your browser, using standard web pages and without the need of any additional add-ons or plugins.

Short-term objectives

Have a no frills alpha version where people can play the game in total freedom. Players can move any card to any place, flip them, wether the card belongs to them or not, etc... in other words: without rule constraints. Yet, the game is semi-structured in the sense that the different areas of the game are clearly delimited.

Long-term objectives

Make a fully-playable game be using the prototype of the short-term goal and enhencing it to add the set of rules. By implementing the rules and enhencing the client side, we hope to achieve a game playable and enjoyable to a wider audiance.

Since we are a small community, feel free to comment, to request or to suggest anything.
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