About Sandscape

Browser based open source cross platform solution for easily playing customizable card games online vs other players. Lead dev: knitter
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About Sandscape

Post by Knitter » Sat Oct 22, 2011 20:04


You have probably have heard about Sandscape, SandScape or SS around the forums, IRC and blog, so what is this Sandscape thing? From WTactics wiki:
The purpose of Sandscape project is to create a virtual online and purely browser based environment where players can meet to play a CCG.
This means a simple goal: A way to play WTactics, or other card games, in you browser without the need for external tools or plugins. Your browser alone must be able to run the games you want. I see Sandscape as web application, built using HTML, JavaScript and CSS for the user interface, and some server-side language for the server component, such web application would provide a complete system for play games, creating cards, managing decks, managing users and all the usual things you find in a mid-size application (thing of this forum, it's main goal is to offer a way for written communication, but it has much more features to easy that goal).


In this forum you can question the current development roadmap, suggest features and provide feedback. I need to reiterate the feedback part: please provide feedback. I won't be able to develop a software that can be easy to use and has the features needed unless I get some feedback. Also, I know nothing of card games, I need your help!


We use several tools to make the development process as open as possible, some tools are supplied by WTactics others are external. The following links offer a starting point to all the existing documentation and resources.

We try to be completely open about the development, if anything is missing or if you'd like to know about any aspect of the project I failed to mention, please take the time to write me a PM or an e-mail.

Wiki Pages: SourceForge tools: Have new ideas? Please share them.

Everyone is invited to suggest new ideas, improvements and changes to the project, and I'm serious about wanting them. They will all be considered, but not all may be accepted.

So how do you know if your idea will be accepted? You don't, just suggest it and we can discuss it with you, see how it fits the project and see if we can add it to Sandscape. If it is found that the idea is worth implementing, then I can assure you I'll do my best to implement it in the code and make it true, if the idea is rejected it may be brought up again from time to time to see if the conditions that caused it's rejection are now invalid.

As you can see, the process is very simple, just tell us about your idea and discuss it with us and we will see if it can be implemented.

I do, however, suggest that if you can, show us your idea and a prototype of it. Sandscape is free software, it has a public master repository to where I push every bit of code and you can easily clone it, fork it or get it in any way you like. So if you have the skills, take a few moments to prototype your ideas as it will help us understand them better, help you understand how easy/hard it would be to do and it may be a way to improve the initial idea. Also, it will ease integration if we have a prototype in which to base our development.


Currently I'm the only registered and oficial developer, I'm hopping that changes soon ;). There is also a friend that will push in some code from time to time.
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Re: About Sandscape

Post by snowdrop » Wed Oct 26, 2011 02:05

Nice post...

Added it as http://WTactics.org/about/sandscape/
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