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Re: What do you prefer, authentication using e-mail or usern

Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 23:17
by snowdrop
In the user scenario it would be enough to take current epoch time + a random number combined. Or...why not just force players that are not logged in to type a nick for that given game? I will be used while they play and disbanded when they exit. Or better yet: Let the script pick a name for them randomly from a pre-written list - that way at least all would have nice looking nicks even when being guests. Are all nicks taken? Add a random number or whatever, or better yet: Don't allow them to play - make 'em register ;)

A limited pool of guest accounts sounds nice...why have the server encumbered with a zillion "guests", what would they contribute and how would they get a better understanding of the game than, as asp wrote, them watching a nice demo-game in HD? = P