Faeria CCG

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Faeria CCG

Post by snowdrop » Wed Apr 20, 2016 16:39


Just bought and tried it out. Gameplay can be seen here: https://youtu.be/AwS9Y33t4AI

Summed up this is the only good and new computerbased CCG I've seen since Hearthstone. Main points design wise as I've seen in the 4 hours I dabbled in it:
  • Just as streamlined as Hearthstone.
  • Almost as fast.
  • Way more depth and fun than Stone due to spatiality.
Their economical model is also better than Blizzards for the player, and in the long run maybe better for the company also.

I really enjoy trying out new CCG:s and find it interesting to see what concepts they bring. I recommend this over most others if one isn't interested in eternal grinds or money grabs, and wants a non-feature full rapid to play CCG like Hearthstone, but with way more depth. It is like a crossover between a CCG and tile laying/boardgame game, which they pulled of in a very elegant way that integrates well into their resource system.
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