Epic Card Game

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Epic Card Game

Post by snowdrop » Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:38

I bought and tried out a couple of hours of a CCG called Epic Card Game. The game has 120 unique cards, is cheap, and you get everything you need for 2-4 players right out of the box with just one game package. There only exists one copy of each card.

My impressions are:
  • Plays like magic, with the main difference that there are only creatures and events and only 1 mana any given turn.
  • Easiest CCG I've ever tried.
  • Fastest also, tops 20 min per game.
  • Super-action filled, cards cost 0 or 1.
(The whole game can also be re-constructed with just Magic cards and limiting your deck builds to just creating a custom format containing cards that cost 0-1 (or I'd actually go with 0-3 even))

I do recommend the game to anyone that is new to the genre and consider it to be a good entry point. Naturally, with those design decisions, the game isn't in the same genre as a full fledged CCG, but it is a really good stepping stone into the world of games.
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