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( open tile laying game

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 22:49
by snowdrop

I had a nagging idea for a while and had to run with it, leading me to creating for playtesting. It's something I haven't seen too much of in this shape, inspired by a couple of other great games. My goal was to keep it simple and tactical, and use no board + a minimum of pieces and administration while still using spatial elements.

1vs1 tile based, fast playing, action points, easy to understand, many heroes , abilities and tactical placement & tetris-like cascades.

I'm currently playtesting and all that is seen is in that state, subject to change. PDF/paper version will be up within a week or so. Whatever will be changed or added will not go against the mentioned goals - sticking to them is doable and the games essence.

Steam has the digital and up to date version that I'm using for the playtesting via tabletop simulator.

Should anyone have ideas for heroes, units, world tiles et.c. then please drop them in a new thread in /chaos section here in forum. Co-devs. that want to spend more time on this are also welcome to apply.

No new ones
With saga, tiny and gaia, I have covered the projects I was interested in creating for a while, and I will not be starting up any new development on a game during 2017. Instead my focus will go to gaia, and expanding/polishing saga & tiny.

My intentions with saga & tiny were in part to get energy on a personal level and confirmation of myself, to see rapid progression and something more or less solid, and also to help lay parts of a foundation for WTactics as open source forum for devs, by contributing with varied and different games/genres (dice vs tiles vs cards) that can work as show cases and that can hopefully be of high quality once released sharp. As for saga & tiny they should probably both be in releasable state during 2017, along with the two precons for gaia.

Re: ( open tile laying game

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 11:56
by ngoeminne
Hi Snowdrop,

Nice to see and websites up and running!
I must say the look and feel of is great. We'll need to start to put together.

Nice job,

Re: ( open tile laying game

Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 09:29
by Knitter

I wanted to test the game with a friend that is also interested in board games, is there any place where I can get usable files to print? Link on the site to the PDF is not ready yet.



Re: ( open tile laying game

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:42
by snowdrop has what you want, and has less sheets of paper, but that's a somewhat different game = P

Check this test: Would pdf:s like the linked one work? >> ... Xh2VWNmQVk
Or do you need them in some other way? I can have them done this week...

Re: ( open tile laying game

Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 09:05
by Knitter
Nah, this is what I wanted :), somehow missed that file. Thanks.