Some suggestions for Gaia cards

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Some suggestions for Gaia cards

Post by Peter » Mon Apr 18, 2016 18:25

We already have enough Gaia cards if we add the card suggestions in this forum to the db (or simply to an official cards list), haven't we?

I would also suggest that my suggested sub-factions should be turned into cards. For Gaia this would mean the following cards:

- Witch: creature 1/1 with buff
- The High Elves Court (buff, maybe city/building)
- Lawless Forest Thug: creature with banding (or is it called gang-building?) 1/1, if 4 of them 2/1
- Werewolf: creature 2/2 with self heal
- Druid: creature 1/1 that enchants weapons with all weapons +2/+1 Or maybe Druids' Circle: City/building with said weapon buff.

All rather "weenies" (even the werewolf) because it's the Gaia faction.
Kind regards and happy coding :)
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