Imperial Recruitment

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Imperial Recruitment

Post by Erundil » Mon Jul 08, 2013 00:02

Cost: 3 - 2
Type: Event

At the beginning of your turn, put a 1/1 Empire creature token with loyalty 2 in one of your fronts.
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Re: Imperial Recruitment

Post by snowdrop » Wed Jul 10, 2013 13:36

Events happen directly when they are played and are then discarded. Meaning they're not permanents. So this would have to be an enchantment or something if it'äs supposed to have a reappearing effect. :P

Card cost would indeed be somwhere about 3 - 4 gold for it.

As for including it in core set I'm sceptical and think we should avoid token generation as it makes the game more abstract and clutters the table directly, and I rather see that stuff getting introduced later on with expansions.
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