Changing mark symbol?

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Re: Changing mark symbol?

Post by verbalshadow » Fri Aug 12, 2011 05:30

the last set turned out to be ovals because i failed to press the right affect in inkscape.
So here is one with rounded rectangles I wanted to show you folks.

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Re: Changing mark symbol?

Post by Ravenchild » Tue Aug 16, 2011 19:00

A totally different approach comes to my mind:

Mark for an ability:
Image: Draw a card

Attack with side effects:
Image: Deal 2 damage to any defending unit
(which is the same image upside-down)

This is just an idea. My icons (which aren't the right size yet :lol:) do not indicate the turning of cards but the action that is going on in our virtual game world. An uprised sword is a common image for attack. A lowered sword means that the unit is currently not attacking, but it may use some other abilities. Because attacking and the usage of abilities are usually mutually exclusive, a mirrored image can be a good choice.

This is just a suggestion. I'm also okay with the other mark symbols you have posted.
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Re: Changing mark symbol?

Post by snowdrop » Thu Aug 25, 2011 19:06

The icons are horizontal, which makes them very small in reality since they can't (shouldn't) be bigger than the height of a single line of text. As such they get unreadable. Some of them will probably also look "jotty" or cluttered/unreadable due to them having so many elements when they are shrunk to 1:1. Use them on a real card in a couple of scenarios and compare with what we use today (the same as before the start of the discussion since I dithced my own ideas to use capital and multi-lined mark symbols).

I'm not sure I follow your suggestion: Why use two different icons?
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