Templates and Art Locations?

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Templates and Art Locations?

Post by Desttinghim » Mon Nov 20, 2017 21:38

Is there anywhere to get all of the current templates being used for cards as well as all the art? Github has quite a bit of the art, but lacks templates and is missing some of the art. The Google Drive folder seems to have two or three templates, but doesn't have any of the art by itself.

I think right now the only way to get all of the art would be to go through all of the cards on the Arcmage card database and download the SVG's individually. Could we get it all to be in single location?
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Re: Templates and Art Locations?

Post by ngoeminne » Thu Dec 07, 2017 23:08

Hi Louis,

The templates that are used to generate the cards are at GitHub.
The online card editor and database uses them to generate the end result svg, png, jpg and pdf files.

Hand crafting each card is impossible with our limited resources. Hence the generated approach.
I could extract the complete folder from the aminduna server. But that already grown huge.

The artwork was scattered over a lot of places, bazar, ftp, GitHub, Bfw, and here and there. However I tried to gather as much as possible. There is a Dropbox account that has most of it, however they where partly commissioned by snowdrop and only the ones in GitHub and on the arcmage site are considered donated to wtactics. It is for snowdrop to release them or give me the thumbs up to do so.

I also commissioned most of the card art for the two precon arcmage decks, and those I can put on GitHub.
Or some other system where we can browse, tag and distribute them easily.

Kind regards,
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