Arcmage status update

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Arcmage status update

Post by ngoeminne » Wed Aug 08, 2018 18:59

Hi folks,

We've seen a good deal of progress in the last couple of months, here are the highlights.

- wtacticts artwork moved to CC BY SA 4 (dual licesned with gplv3)
- lots of old and new artwork previously laying around in some forgotten folders/disks have been made available on our github artwork repo
- arcmage itself has been move to CC BY SA 4

Status of the rebirth set completion:
- Gaian love for life (artwork 100%, card text 100%, editorial 100%)
- Uneasy Alliance (artwork 100%, card text 100%, editorial 100%)
- The Uprising (artwork 100%, card text 100%, editorial 100%)
- Toll of time (artwork 100%, card text 100%, editorial 0%)
- Shadow League (artwork 100%, card text 100%, editorial 0%)
- Brothers in arms (artwork 80%, card text 60%, editorial 0%)

Be sure to check out all the new artwork in the uprising, toll of time, shadow league and bia!

In addition to those decks, I'd like to have a small series of side cards that can go in the rebirth set, e.g. a few with Louis' development cards idea. And some others (5 to 10 max). Anyone interested in helping out on those cards?

With the new card back ready, we'd only have to decide on the cities renewed templates (if need be).

Meanwhile I've been asking a lot of editorial work from Pistos. Maybe Denshi, Alex, Clemens, Louis could join the effort? We could divide the remainder of the cards, say two persons by deck (Toll of time, Shadow League, Brother in arms), then It should be doable, no?

My goal would be to have an now batch printed of all decks by end of September and mail them to you.
That is if Santi's able to deliver the last four missing pieces.

Kind regards, and let me know if you'd like to take up some editorial work ;-)
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