Wiki Template Improvements

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Wiki Template Improvements

Post by Mattaiyah » Thu Aug 02, 2012 23:19

I recently had a look at the templates on the wiki after snowdrop mentioned the ticket system (which uses plenty of templates), and while they can certanly do the job, some elements are unnecessary.

For example :

I'll use the blue one at the top to show what I mean. The first element is for some reason "by : " instead of what the discussed element is, and there are 2 elements ( {{{2}}} and {{{3}}} ) which serve no purpose.

I've done a few improvements on those templates ( - The first element is what's being discussed, {{{2}}} has become "by : " and {{{3}}} has been removed), but I'd like some opinions on what needs to change to improve the templates.

Since having 21 links is dumb, here's the link to all the templates on the wiki : ... dTemplates
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Re: Wiki Template Improvements

Post by snowdrop » Fri Aug 03, 2012 07:15

Yes, they were frakked up in the transfer from previous wiki on previous host = P Feel free to fix, appreciate the help.

"by" should always be a name though, which we get form some of the numerical tokens, and only times a users avatar is seen is where it says 40 px already in them.
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Re: Wiki Template Improvements

Post by Q_x » Fri Aug 03, 2012 08:50

We had propel, it didn't worked. Those templates aren't easier IMHO. We had easiest possible approach, the "roadmap" that was left unused (I still dunno if there was anything wrong with that, apart from the fact we don't need a roadmap like this). Launchpad. Meetings. IRC. We have mailinglist, forums. "How to participate" on our main page. All can be used for directing people. And we (active devs) all know what's to be done, thanks to those above means of communication and documents we're aware of and use from time to time.

It's even worse: people come here, wanting to "help" without even understanding how we roll here, what's this project all about. They should be told "Read stuff that's mandatory, later whatever is interesting, and you'll find yourself something to do in less than a day", rather than "check out our funky Todo".

I can't imagine we'd use this kind of Todo list to, for example, queue artwork together with writing tasks and playtesting goals. Will become a mess in no time. May work wonders for those, who work mostly with wiki stuff - writers, rule designers etc. All we do for other people is adding management, rather than simplicity.

Here should be an icon, showing head bashing against the wall, table, LCD screen or laptop.

It has nothing to do with your work, Mattaiyah, so it's off topic, but it's my voice in general subject, as I haven't been focused enough to remember about our recent meeting where the thing was discussed.
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