Discord server up

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Discord server up

Post by snowdrop » Sun Nov 20, 2016 21:12


Discord is a voicechat/textchat program that works kind of like IRC with rooms, but with the distinction that it is made for current day of age. It's free and will stay so, has good sound quality for those that want to speak, and normal chat functions for text + a lot more going for it.

It runs on most things and also web. One thing that's good to know: You can be both in one text channel and one other voice channel at the same time, should you want to. ;) It does of course also support chat (text or voice) in private between 2 persons if one doesn't want to converse in a channel.

This server will be used for ORC (or Gaia, as it will be called) later on, on a separate channel on the server. I think it's best to not scatter the community and to use just one server, hence I rather see us all use it should anyone prefer it over irc, as I do myself. For that reason there is also an ArcMage channel, and we can create more if needed.
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