Online ARC Playtest round: many new firsts

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Online ARC Playtest round: many new firsts

Post by ngoeminne » Thu Nov 24, 2016 09:47

Hi folks,

Yesterday, snowdrop and me played the first real online arc game. We had a lot of new and cool things going on.

Firstly, we used our online game demo (maybe I should stop call it demo, cause it worked really well)

Secondly, new in the fire line, were the two fresh decks:
- Snowdrop played the 'Toll of Time - House of Nobles' deck by Clemens,
- I set out for 'Borther in Arms - Empire' deck

And thirdly, another new legendary thing occurred, I actually won my first arc game :-) (1 win - 20 lost). The win was achieved by destroying all of the opponent's cities, so that was also something new.

However, it must be said I had a large tactical advantage upfront, knowing the rules, and the cards and the gameplan of the decks. The win was nice, but certainly not the main reason I'm quite happy about the game.

Main conclusion: the online game works and can be used as play testing.
Minor conclusion: the ARC doesn't have any major issues of gameplay

I'll let snowdrop formulate his own thoughts and suggestions.
And for those who really want to see what happened, step by step.

We recorded the whole thing and put it online:

Kind regards,
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