Building a City : alternative approach

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Building a City : alternative approach

Post by ngoeminne » Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:46

Hey folks,

What still bothers me about the arc-rules is the way the game starts with three cities in play. (where did they came from?). And sometimes you won''t be needing all three of them, and they take up table space.

So here's an alternative approach. At the begining of the game, you put your three cities in a separate stack (or hold them in your hand)

At the start of a game, player 1 picks a city and puts it on the table, her/his turn ends, then player 2 picks a city and puts it on the table, his/her turn ends.

During the game: a player can skip his turn entirely to found/build a new city.
I'll try to playtest this with my group. I feel that it would clean up the table, and leave room for more gameplay and turning of tables :-)

The cities cost could say "S" instead of the cost in numbers.

What are your toughts about it?

Kind regards,
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