Arcmage Rebirth Set Finished!

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Arcmage Rebirth Set Finished!

Post by ngoeminne » Sat Oct 13, 2018 14:53

Hi folks,

It's time to celebrate! Finally after a long long voyage, the first Arcmage core set is ready to be printed.

Here's the zip with all the 285 cards: Rebirth Set

The proof print is on its way. And if all goes well I'll order a batch of 20 boxes. (There are already 5 boxes reserved) I hope to keep the total production cost (box + cards) below 25 euro's. Depending on the batch size the cost go down.

If you would like one please fill in the form

Furthermore, I think it's time to make some fuss about the arcmage pre-release. However I'm not all that into social media and community building. (Hence there's no FB/Twitter for Arcmage) Anyone want's to volunteer to become the head of the PR department? ;-)

Kind regards,

Here's the entire card list (notice the additional 3 token cards)

# Rebirth Set by the Arcmage team:

1x Armory
1x Barracks
1x Borg's Keep
1x Farmland
2x Lobotomized Library
2x Nirvana of the Undead
1x Qualaris
1x Sanctuary
2x Second Sons' Army Camp
1x Shadow's Twilight
1x Siphon
1x Spirit Tree
1x Tunnel Network
1x Two Bridges
1x Warren
5x Big Orc Token
5x Crop Token
5x Little Orc Token
6x Abduction
3x Archivist
3x Assemble the Army
3x Battering Ram
3x Bearer
3x Benevolent Baron
3x Besieged City
3x Big Brother
3x Binding Contract
3x Blindfolded
3x Botanist
3x Call to Aid
3x Carpe Diem
3x Conscript
3x Crumbling Defenses
3x Cutpurse Imp
3x Dark Portal
6x Deadly Shock
3x Dimensional Pocket
3x Early Spring
3x Elvish Ambush
3x Elvish Archer
3x Entangled
3x Erode
3x Esteemed Councilor
3x Esteemed Duelist
3x Falconer
3x Fear of the Dark
3x Fearless Assault
3x Footsoldier
3x Forgiving Vampire
3x Foul Imps
3x Ghoul
3x Gigantic Spider
3x Grassroots
3x Imp Union Leader
3x Jevyan's Advice
3x Kolibri
3x Little Brother
3x Majestic Griffin
3x Mentor
3x Mercenary
3x Merchant Ship
6x Misled Orc
3x Mounted Eagle
3x Nature's Outrage
3x Nightgaunt
3x Nightingale
3x Nourished Flower
3x Orc Drummer
3x Orc Recruiter
3x Orc Rouser
3x Orc Scout
3x Orc Thug
3x Orc Warleader
3x Out of Nowhere
6x Outmaneuvered
3x Poison Ivy
3x Prince of Thieves
3x Raise the Undead
3x Revenge
3x Rotten Deal
3x Royal Guard
3x Seat of the Throne
3x Sequoia Saplings
6x Shadow in the Dark
3x Shatis
3x Spearman
3x Squad Leader
3x Touch of Genius
3x Trebuchet
6x Undead Archer
3x Whirlwind
3x Wight
6x Wild Warg
3x Witchdoctor
3x Wolf Rider
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