New Red Banner Deck : Dunefolk

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New Red Banner Deck : Dunefolk

Post by ngoeminne » Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:43

Hey folks,

Some 500 years ago, an young and foolish elf general led a bitter defeat against the dark legions, many of his gaian friends, both human and elf, lay slain in the borderlands near the great desert. His foolish pride turned turned to sorrow and in a self chosen exile in search for redemption he wandered off into the great desert.

After many years of solitude he slowly became accepted by the desert's tribes of the Dunefolk...

Here's a new deck: Dunefolk

Current Status
- mechanics (all done)
- artwork (all done)

The deck needs to be playtested, the cards need to be balanced, and we still need to do all editorial work.
All feedback is welcome!

Kind regards,
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Re: New Red Banner Deck : Dunefolk

Post by Zero » Wed Feb 06, 2019 22:37

Gorgeous 8-) Congratulations!
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