Card Game Simulator Update

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Card Game Simulator Update

Post by davidmfinol » Fri Apr 12, 2019 17:35

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share a few updates about CGS with you all.

1) CGS is now open-source under the MPL!
A long time ago, snowdrop once asked me if I would be willing to make it open-source, but I wasn't fully committed back then. I'm fully committed now. You can check out the source code at

2) is a deep link to CGS for Arcmage.
This means that clicking on that link on a mobile device will send you to the appropriate app store to download the app, and when the app opens, it will automatically load and display the information for Arcmage. (If you're on Mac or Windows, that link will take you to the CGS website, where you can download the appropriate executable. You would then need to manually enter the CGS AutoUpdate Url

3) CGS is in the middle of a UI/UX redesign.
I had defaulted to a sci-fi theme before, but now I am going for a more textured wood feel. Unfortunately, this means that the Arcmage logo kind of blends into the background when displayed in CGS. I'm thinking adding some dynamic particle effects between the background and where the logo is shown will resolve this, though that's still upcoming. I'm not really an artist, so I'd definitely appreciate any help with the art here.

I hope this information is something you guys find interesting!
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