Introduction - Elouin

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Introduction - Elouin

Post by Elouin » Sat Mar 14, 2020 11:26


I am Elouin, 25 years old, from Germany and a fan of all kinds of Tabletop Games.
Been playing CCGs since my early teenager years. Started with Yu-Gi-Oh, but then switches to mainly Legend of the Five Rings and Warlord(Which are sadly both dead by now). When i started University about 7 years ago i got into Magic and have been playing on and off the last few Years.
As a free Software enthusiast iam also very interested in Free Culture stuff in general, so i was very happy when i discovered Arcmage and stunned by the grade of quality it has. Played a few Games on the Website and had a blast!

Thanks for welcoming me to the Community!

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Re: Introduction - Elouin

Post by ngoeminne » Sat Jun 27, 2020 11:50

Hey Elouin,

A warm welcome to you! As you've noticed the forum isn't much used any more.
But I'm glad you found your way to our matrix channel as well!

Kind regards,
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