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Post by DireMungBean » Mon Jul 29, 2013 13:42

Hi there, I guess by now I might as well introduce myself.

My name is Shai, 29 years old and I'm from Israel. I'm a programmer and have been one for quite a few years (8 as a proffessional programmer, more as a hobbyist).

I was interested in WTactics a long time ago, but didn't feel like I have anything to contribute to it as long as the rules aren't finished. But after Snowdrop declared the Summer of Cards, it seemed like an interesting adventure. And here I am, writing this message from lovely Sweden.

I've spent the Summer of Cards creating a single-player card game engine with an AI opponent, which will probably be announced officially soon. It's working pretty well with temporary rules, so for now I'll just have to wait until an official set of rules and cards comes out, at which point I'll implement them fully in the engine and we'll have a proper single-player WTactics experience. Until then, I'll probably look for some other interesting card games to implement in it.

Other than that, I'm a pretty heavy gamer in general. I play tons of video games (only on PC though, never owned a console), quite a few board games, a little bit of card games (I have decks of Magic: the Gathering and of DoomTrooper in my house, but I've almost never actually played them), and pretty much anything else with the word "game" in it. I also develop games quite a bit on my free time, but haven't released anything major yet (I did participate in the Liberated Pixel Cup, but didn't win anything).
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