Introduction: James J. Angel

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Introduction: James J. Angel

Post by James » Sun Apr 24, 2016 17:36

Yosh! My name is James Angel, and I'm a 33 year old web designer from Florence, KY: USA...

I've always wanted to be involved in creating a ccg and have made TONS of BEAUTIFUL frames in my time, but I just never could hit that point between "Too Simple" and "Too Complicated"

I love rpgs, and have RP'd online for years... I astral nightly, OR, I have a wild ass imagination... Either way you decide to believe in that; I'm a great story writer! I grew up on Magic: The Gathering and I have broken the game more than a few times... I will do my absolute best to make sure nothing comes out that can be paired with something else that will ruin our game...

With that said, stick me on a task!
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Re: Introduction: James J. Angel

Post by Peter » Sun Apr 24, 2016 17:52


Despite the fact that I am here since years ago, I am only a newb.

Because it's hard to read all old postings, I give an rough overview of the current status:

- We have a raw beta version of a deck. (Including graphics)
- We have 3 rulesets (You decide which you prefer). ORC, ARC and VSR, (ORC and ARC are in the wiki. VSR is in the github.)
- We have five factions which somehow resemble Magic and somehow don't.
(The factions are Red Banner, Gaia, House of Nobles, Shadowguild/Dark Legion, Empire.)
- We have rule concepts that aren't there in Magic afaik: For example cities.

The other folks here know much more about WTactics and can explain it more in-depth.
I think the following contributions are always welcome (Anyone correct me if I'm wring) :
- drawing card main images (if the image is artistic and cool enough)
- drawing card framework for some factions
- Discuss about rules (especially with Snowdrop).
- Develop the story further.
- Invent cards for any faction
- Soon: Playtesting :)
Kind regards and happy coding :)
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Re: Introduction: James J. Angel

Post by snowdrop » Mon Apr 25, 2016 10:49

Welcome James.

I think Peter captured most things correctly, except me being the main guy to discuss rulesets with. As the game is still in dev we're inviting people to participate in the development of the rules and experimenting to see what can come out of it. Currently there are three separate rulesets being worked on by partially different people, and I'd be the one to discuss the ORC-ruleswith.

I recommend you to join in whatever way fits your interest and skill set, as the project is in no rush and we have some gravel to cover before we're able to reach our first short term goal/milestone: Have 2 functioning pre-constructed decks ready by new year, with a decent ruleset.

I didn't follow what you meant with "frames"... as in card templates?

It sounds great that you have an itch to find exploits in games and in line with what will be needed soon. When it comes to lore you are welcome to contribute by writing some that might, or might not, depending on quality et.c., become part of the official game when released. For that to happen you'd need to get a clear understanding of the world and factions, and I'd be happy to have a talk via skype or discord and answer questions after you have read up on them in wiki.

Meanwhile, stuff that needs to be done:

- New card templates, in inkscape
- New faction logos/containers, in inkscape
- Create cards to one of the rulesets (see link to db on main page)
- Check out different rulesets and give feedback to whichever is interesting
- Maintaining and handling web infrastructure (php/mysql mostly)
- Maintaining, PR, social media et.c.
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Re: Introduction: James J. Angel

Post by Peter » Mon Apr 25, 2016 13:33

snowdrop wrote: I didn't follow what you meant with "frames"... as in card templates?
Yes, that was the word I was missing. Faction templates.
Kind regards and happy coding :)
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Re: Introduction: James J. Angel

Post by Peter » Mon Apr 25, 2016 17:48

James wrote: With that said, stick me on a task!
I thought: Maybe you don't know where to start or which job to choose. (But maybe you know. Then forget this here.)

So here it goes:
1.) First you should make yourself familiar with a ruleset or all three of them if you like. (The philosophy and background story are important but can be read later imho.)

2.) You could help inventing cards. Creature cards, city cards, event cards, enchantment cards (did I miss some other sorts of cards?) You should pick a faction for that. I recommend the one that you would choose to play. Snowdrop and Nico (ngoeminne) are currently working on a second deck afaik but I don't know. As I said already one nice deck is ready. It's Red Banner/Dark Legion.
EDIT: You will need a bit of background story knowledge for inventing cards.
Kind regards and happy coding :)
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Re: Introduction: James J. Angel

Post by ngoeminne » Thu Apr 28, 2016 14:07

Hi James,

Seems that our little community is growing.

Don't feel in a rush to do anything but getting familiar with the project and the people here. When you're up to speed, I'd like to hear all your thoughts about the ORC and ARC. And the decks we're building.

It would also be very nice to see some of your artwork stuff.

welcome aboard.
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