Introduction Jade

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Introduction Jade

Post by Jadedrakerider » Tue May 17, 2016 22:06

Hello everybody,

I am an inexperience coder in the US. I came across the project because I had an idea for a CCG, and I had wondered if anybody started an open source project that I could contribute to. Here you are!

I just discovered WTactics today, and as such I am learning much about the rulesets ORC and ARC.

I have a bit of knowledge programming console program with Java and C++. I have been a casual player of a couple of TCG's in the past.

I especially loved the idea of a game that is just as playable online as it is on the internet. I am especially taken with the idea of porting this to mobile devices.

In the long term, I can certainly see this project becoming self-sustaining money wise. I have a few ideas for this, but this something farther in the future.

I do have concerns over the complexity of the ORC and ARC. That being said, the fact that there are multiple rule sets is a tremendous boon as rule sets can be customized and used within the same framework. I would like to develop a rule set.

I have not participated in an open source project before -- so I would appreciate a little guidance in picking out a piece of the project to work on.
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Re: Introduction Jade

Post by snowdrop » Wed May 18, 2016 23:31

Welcome aboard Jade.

As for the game on mobile platforms - it would be supercool, yet nothing that is being worked on by anyone currently. Then again, many general engines / frameworks already run on multiple platforms including the mobile ones, albeit none of them are ccg specific to my knowledge.

I understand your worries for the complexity of the rules, but can also promise you that they are actually not complex at and that it is just an extensive read first time around due to them trying to cover everything. As for ORC what you find is wiki is indeed also the "complete version" of the rules and not the ones that one should read as a newcomer to the game (those would be "quick rules", yet to be written ; ) Gameplay wise none of the rulesets are actually harder to learn than say the rules for MtG.

If you read through the existing sets around and notice you have a really different idea conceptually you are indeed welcome to create one of your own. Else I'm sure people would love to have you on their branch.

I'm sure you have plenty of questions and that there's a lot of stuff to wade through in here as a newcomer to try to get a grip of what's on or not. If you feel like it just shout and we can make an appointment for a voice chat via Skype or Discord during a weekend, and I'd be happy to help you out or answer questions.
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Re: Introduction Jade

Post by Jadedrakerider » Sat May 21, 2016 21:22

I am sure that you are right about the rules. Magic is an incredibly complex game but much of that complexity fades into the rhythm of the game. I will have to play our game to get a real feel for the rules.

On mobile: I am sure we can start by adopting an open source project that will run on the web and modify it for our needs. This will give us a near universal platform out of the gate. Specialization to come later.

Actually, my ideas can use most of the rules you all have already established. My idea is to go more minimalist. I am happy to contribute to the project as a whole.

I actually prefer to communicate via text. I am awake almost every night here in the States. Do you have Kik, WeChat, or Kokao?
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Re: Introduction Jade

Post by ngoeminne » Sat May 28, 2016 09:30

Hi Jade, welcome aboard,

Hadn't seen your post. Glad to see someone new.

We'll I agree, MtG is a complex game, if you try to read 'All' the rules and try to start playing from that. However, as in most games you get introduced by someone who already played the game, you start out with the basics, and the game unfolds while playing the first few games.
This is the same for the ORC and ARC rule sets, and is something we are missing right now, and that's why I'm organizing a couple of play test runs with my friends, so we can sit down and start playing.

We do encourage people to think about the rules, and there has been several attempts to simplify the rules. One very good start is Xarn's Very Simple Rules (VSR) ... r/ I think this ruleset has it own merits but serves a different audience (more straight forward play), in terms of age : 12-16. I hope Xarn and Peter will do some more work on them.

The ORC and ARC have a different target audience, the more experienced player that already have played a lot of other CCG. In fact we should make a guide 'WTactics for MtG Players', where you could just say:

similar basics
- turned based, with draw, tactics, play, combat, play, discard phases
- 2 card draw (1 must, 1 optional)
- no lands, but cards can be put face down and count as a resource, (for ARC in different piles for each faction/color)
- similar card types, but some additional once (City)
- same card cast stack and resolving
- combat works the same

difference (for ARC)
- pay gold cost with factions corresponding resource card, (use loyalty marks as the amount of colorless mana you can use)
- additional card type, city, has a defense but no attack,
- damage to cities is permanent
- table layout has zones: Army (just as MtG) and each city is a zone (creatures there cannot attack)
- a creature can move from zone to zone by marking (similar as tap), one move per turn

- 3 cities in play at startup
- attacker can attack army or target city, the cities residents can defend, helped by the army
- during the tactics phase, one can win advantages by marking (tap) resident creatures of a city
(the opponent can try to block that by tapping creatures as well), the advantage stays till your next tactics turn

With these few points, a MtG player should already know what to expect from the game,
and how it will go globally. You can start playing form here, and questions that pop up can be searched in the rules.

E.G. Is there a mulligan? Is there a hand card limit on the end of the turn? How do you win the game (nice one)? ...

Happy playtesting,
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