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Introduction Clemens

Post by Clemens » Mon Oct 24, 2016 07:50

Hello, my name is Clemens.

I am from Vienna, Austria.
Previously I went to a school for graphics design. Now I study Psychology (already have my Bachelor's degree) and Computer Sciences.
I have know CCG:s for a while now, my first contact with it was through Yu-Gi-Oh, although i hardly remember any of it. After that I started playing Magic the Gathering about 12 years ago (around Kamigawa). I only played it very casually though, and over years I hardly played at all. I started playing more competetively last winter, mostly with formats like Pauper and a little Standard. Recently I started to play Hearthstone.
I also really like the open source culture and free software. So this project is kind of where my skills and interests converge, so I am looking forward to help.
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Re: Introduction Clemens

Post by ngoeminne » Mon Oct 24, 2016 19:59

Hi Clemens,

Nice to have you! I believe you'll fit right in. Since you're a long time mtg player, dive right into it.
Suggest a deck + cards for the ARC :-) in house of nobles style (mtg bluish) or the empire (mtg white + green style, big creatures, legions, centurions, trebuchets, balista's, bright knights, soldiers etc).

Think of interaction combo's, or a game plan for the deck. You'll need about 15 different cards, and three cities. You'll find an abilities list on our wiki.

If anything about the ARC rules is unclear, we'd love to hear your feedback.
Also feel free to post anything relevant on the forums.

Btw, I know you'll like the draw & resource system we're been using.

Kind regards,
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