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Introduction Julie.chan

Post by julie.chan » Fri Dec 08, 2017 02:54

Hi there, I'm Julie, hailing from Michigan. I'm a programmer who works on libre computer games. I've also been really interested in trading card games for years; Yu-Gi-Oh was what I originally played, but I think Duel Masters is better and was disappointed when it failed in the United States... twice.

I came across Arcmage just last week when DireMungBean posted about his digital version of Arcmage (Arcmage: Seeds of Magic) on the forum, and was instantly hooked when I looked at the rules. I also love that this is being designed to be a balanced game, which I think is a severe problem in commercial trading card games. Players shouldn't be forced by circumstance to use the same set of cards as everyone else. I think deck building should be a creative, personalized, fun experience.

So yeah, here I am. I'm interested in playing Arcmage, and I'm also interested in helping develop it if I can.
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Re: Introduction Julie.chan

Post by Desttinghim » Fri Dec 08, 2017 05:03

Hey, you're the developer of Hexoshi! I thought you're avatar was familiar. I'm Louis, and I've not done a whole lot but I've been poking at the rules every now and then with some of my Magic playing friends to try and give it a more distinct feel. Definitely excited to see more people join the project!
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Re: Introduction Julie.chan

Post by ngoeminne » Tue Dec 12, 2017 16:14

Hello Julie,

Welcome to our forum. Nice of you to drop by! Feel free to participate in the discussions, share ideas, etc.

And if you're up for a game of Arcmage, let me know :-)

Kind regards,
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