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Introduction Danto

Posted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 13:40
by Danto
Hello! I'm Danto.
I'm from Germany.

I play Magic the Gathering since 2002 as a casual player , I also played Yu-Gi-Oh and Duelmaster for a short while.
I stumbled upon Arcmage quiet a while ago at a forum for Linux games,
the idea of a Open Source Card game captured me immediately.

I love Games in general and especially card games and Pan and Papers.
I like to create worlds and write short stories within them for my PnP groups.
So I can claim to be somewhat experienced in Worldbuilding and Storytelling^^.

I have also created already some Cards and a deck"March of the Dead" at
and will further improve them.

I hope that I can be useful for the Arcmage project :D .

Re: Introduction Danto

Posted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 14:55
by ngoeminne
Hey Danto,

Welcome aboard, currently there isn't much development going on, but creating some cards would be very nice. I saw the once you've put in there. And I like the theme you set.

I know Desttinghim is experimenting with some smaller tweaks to the arcmage rule set. And if we'd apply them to the current set of cards, we'll need some work. So all help is welcome.

If you'd like to try a game with the current set of cards (or your deck), let me know.

Kind regards,