Introduction November16

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Introduction November16

Post by November16 » Wed Aug 15, 2018 14:27

Hello. My name is November16. I'm light (even poor) player of CCG. I'm from South Korea.

I had played Hearthstone and Yu-Gi-Oh. I knew Arcmage via Google. It attracted me that Arcmage is open-sourced and free game.

Now, I am translating the card text and game rules into Korean. I've completed translating Awesome Rule Concept. You can see a rough draft of the translation at below link. (WARNING : the draft is not reviewed.) But translation will not be helpful to Arcmage because translation itself cannot attract people and advance game rules. I ask for understanding on that point.

Thanks for reading my presentation.

Link : ... G5dV3r8y7l
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Re: Introduction November16

Post by ngoeminne » Sun Sep 09, 2018 15:11

Hey November,

Welcome aboard.

We've never envisioned that there might be a Korean translation, heads up! Wtactics had from the start a multilanguage approach, but due to the huge effort in creating the game, the translation path was abandoned.
For arcmage we'll sadly stick to english for the time beeing, but we might have support for translations sooner or later.

I saw you started translations into korean for some cards, you could of course use the current system by:
- keep the card name, and extend it by (ko) e.g. Abduction (ko)
- Use the Name first line to enter the korean name
- Not sure if that will work for the event template dough.

Kind regards,
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