Introduction Zero - I'm in!

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Introduction Zero - I'm in!

Post by Zero » Thu Jan 03, 2019 14:30

Hello, I'm Zero,

I'm 40 years old (or is it 41?), from France. I teach IT for a living, in a training center for adults (mostly Microsoft products, but who cares).

I love programming stuff, as a hobby, since I got my first computer, a brave shiny AMSTRAD CPC 464, back in 1987. Nowadays, I prefer Javascript, in the browser or nodejs. Also, I love AI, and "programming games" (games where players have to write the best program).

I've been visiting WTactics for a while, every now and then, because I like studying game mechanisms. A few weeks ago, I visited again and Bang! the seed was now a beautiful flower, Arcmage.

So if I had only one thing to say, it would be "wow". Amazing. The real "bang" came at the exact moment when I read the ARC rules about Cities advantages. Maybe I got it wrong, I don't know, after all english is not my mother tongue, but I had a feeling that the intent behind this was that Cities in play, and the advantages they bring, can completely change the course of the game, maybe even the "gameplay". Which is big. Am I wrong here?

Everything is neatly done, artwork is gorgeous, the community seems sane. Congratulations.

I did translate the ARC rules page in french (finished yesterday). There are still a few words that need to be corrected or enhanced, but I should be able to release it rather soon. I don't know whether I'll translate cards. It seems to be a lot of work, I need to give it a try, so I won't make promises about this.

Well that's it!
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Re: Introduction Zero - I'm in!

Post by ngoeminne » Wed Jan 09, 2019 09:58

Hey Zero,

Thank you for the nice and loving words. Welcome aboard, and thank you for the french translations of the ARC rules. Looking forward to see some of the cards translated :-)

Kind regards,
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