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Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 17:24
by snowdrop
Which tool do you use to create the latex document? Lyx? And on what distro?

Re: LaTex-tool

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 15:21
by Q_x
Lyx is (among what I have been using) one of the most valuable pieces of software. The only troubles I have had with with its documents are when I was changing environments it was installed in (we have three different encodings used in Polish systems: one in Windows, one old ISO and one new UTF).

With "distro" it makes things way more complicated, since I think you need to have this cute thing configured (this is easy), and installed and configured whole LaTeX env. also, which, depending on what you need to do, is "quite hard" to "very hard" task. LyX itself is pretty straightforward. I was using TeamTL - live distro, which is made for typesetting with LaTeX users in mind, and the problem is it is 100% Polish-oriented (and very old).

Re: LaTex-tool

Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 07:20
by Ravenchild
I'm using good old Vim on ArchLinux with the TeXLive distribution.