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Restarting development

Posted: Mon Apr 30, 2012 12:34
by Knitter

We are restarting Cardscape development. I'll be helping with the development and I hope we can push Cardscape forward faster since the team has now an astonishing number of 2 :D, and also I feel that Sandscape needs to have Cardscape in a more complete state (and I hit a wall with the game UI/actions in Sandscape :( ).

So, I'm trying to get the boring stuff out of the way and I'm updating documentation and existing tools. I won't touch the wiki page with Cardscape's design document but will use some of it as a inspiration, I already used some for the database redesign and feature list but will be reading that page a few times to see what the general feature and ideas were. I'll also be taking notes from the topics that already exist in the forum.

In this process, I ask that any idea be and suggestion be posted here or at the Trac instance we are using, Don't be shy, just suggest what you want, we will revise any suggestion and accept/reject after discussion. If you use Trac to suggest any ideas please select the "Idea" component in the issue creation interface.

Will it take a week? Two? I don't know. Right now foodoo/ravenchild is learning how to use the Yii framework and will need time to get things sorted out, I'm working on getting all the docs in place and also coding some features (user management at the moment) meaning that card related code is up to foodoo. Still, I expect a stable version to come around pretty soon with just the base features.

Re: Restarting development

Posted: Mon Apr 30, 2012 16:26
by snowdrop
Great stuff....

Will give you kandi in Trac..... ;)

Re: Restarting development

Posted: Fri May 04, 2012 12:39
by Knitter
As usually I have a testing server/installation in place in my personal server allowing everyone to test the version that is currently in the master git branch. I update the installation every time there is new code being pushed to the sourceforge repository so expect everything to break often :D.

If you want to have a look either register a new account or, if you had an account before in the old Cardscape installation, request me a password because the password recovery system needs an e-mail that I haven't yet configured.