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ancestry suggestion

Posted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:00
by snowdrop
Enable mod to change a cards relative/inspiration/sibling. Example: If I claim I invented card b and it is clearly almost identical or heavily inspired of card a (intentionally or not, doesn't matter), then a mod must be able to ”connect” these cards ancestry somehow.

The above is problematic as it is even without the suggested feature: When exactly should a user deem a card as related to another? How does one make that call? Surely, it seems to be a purely subjective matter in the end. You define an inspiration as a ”variant of an already existing card”, but when is something a variant of something else? Is it just when one or two variables have changed? Or only one mechanic added?

A ”new”cards author and date are saved, but, shouldn't the info also display some credit about the author and date of the mother card that inspired this ”new” card? Example: C1 is created by Kent, C2 is baded on C1, and C3 is based on C2. The info on C3 would show the text ”origin:” the C1 author.

Re: ancestry suggestion

Posted: Tue Oct 05, 2010 13:12
by Ravenchild
I'll go for the simple solution: To explain further relationships between cards, a user may post a comment under the card with links to other cards.