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Post by Peter » Mon May 02, 2016 19:03

Dyslexia really fits in the forum category "Chaos", doesn't it? Language chaos or letter chaos! XD

Nico, you are doing very well on writing, so I can't see any sign of dyslexia. So I guess you are coping with it very well. I read stuff on the internet that has lots of spelling or grammar mistakes by people who aren't dyslexic.

Can't wait to read the book about that dyslexic Nicodemus. Interesting thing is: Charlton the author is dyslexic, too! But he managed to become a book author, medicine student and more.
Kind regards and happy coding :)
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Re: Dyslexia

Post by ngoeminne » Tue May 03, 2016 10:38

Hey Peter,


I was lucky to be born in Flanders, Belgium, with a great educational system,maybe one of the best in the world. The teachers detected it early on and didn't brand me the dumb kid, instead they helped me and I got some (a lot) special counselling and training with a specialised professional.

However it took a lot of effort to learn how to read and I never liked it because it took so much energy. That all changed when I got my first fantasy book, if I wanted to know the story I was now forced to read it. Contradicting my English vocabulary is rather ok, since English television shows/cartoons are subtitled in Dutch here, however being to slow to read them, I somehow just started to understand what was being said. Writing was an other matter.

Today there are a lot of tools helping out, the spelling and grammar auto correct hides a lot.

Kind regards,
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