some more faction logos

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some more faction logos

Post by Q_x » Mon Jul 18, 2011 17:48

I have done some extra faction logo design...
Some explanation is needed, I think.
Those are black shapes alone. Coloration takes 5x more time and is not a creative act, so I left them like so.
Also, I wanted to keep the logo-container character of the logos.
They are not as smooth as our previous one, but I guess that's the faction mood.
I did RB really simple though.
some more logos.png
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Re: some more faction logos

Post by Ravenchild » Mon Jul 25, 2011 06:27

I really like the skull :)

I supose the bird is a raven?

The banners look more like flags and not banners to me. But maybe more color will help here.
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Re: some more faction logos

Post by snowdrop » Sun Jul 31, 2011 16:47

I think skull is too classical and almost used by all games to symbolise the "evil" faction. At the same time that could be a case for it as well as against it. What I'm less certain about is the many "details" it has in forms of angles. I don't know how good it would scale. On a more storyrelated note it would strengthen the notion that Shadowguild == undead, which it probably isn't - we want it more nuanced maybe...

Which makes the raven more interesting I think. My only worry about it is how it can actually be placed on the card and if it will take too much space or go several lines into the text. Could you show any current card with it on, with proper size on the gold cost number?

Banners.... i associat them more with a real army, like with Empire, than I do with the story of the red banner. I imagined their icon must me more torn, wild or "rugged". Hard to explain, but those banners are not "organic" and feel militaristic and stiff.

I know you didn't like the temp one I did for them and described it as a "blast", but I think it is more in line with the "torn" and "living" part than the ones you displayed. (But no, nothing that should be used as it is)
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