Competition/Collaboration? DragonEVO

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Competition/Collaboration? DragonEVO

Post by Knitter » Sat Apr 21, 2012 18:51

I don't know if anyone else is a Free Game Dev forum user but this was mentioned on the general user presentation topic,

They are trying to create a CCG using crowd funding, don't know if they would be interested in collaborating or just want to be a competitor :)
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Re: Competition/Collaboration? DragonEVO

Post by Q_x » Sat Apr 21, 2012 19:24

Well, $5000 is not much, I must say. It's easy to gather, but hard to make anything with that budget. Rather not competition, looking at their page...
Iguess the official project page is

Anyway, if they will release the code, I guess it will be a huge help - even better when they will collaborate in terms of SS development :)
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Re: Competition/Collaboration? DragonEVO

Post by snowdrop » Sun Apr 22, 2012 00:39

Early cards, new layout is being worked on: ... 1334774962

Without having contacted them and just using the info available, I don't think we would be able to co-work since:

- There is no remote sign of them being open source (although they suggest they are "free to play", which usually means you get to play but not a full game, with other words, you get a demo) or free culture. Development process is also very closed, on purpose it seems.

- If you help them with crowdfunding 5 - 25 USD you get to be on their spamlist + get to read their forum. 100 usd and you get a hires copy of card art. I think it's a bad business call. However, for 2000 USD they offer what we give the world for 65 USD (to be fair they also give you a booklet... but still).

- They have been building on their universe, a dragon-story, for several years. I don't think they'd throw that away, and I sure don't want our game to be usingtheir setting as ours, even when less(?) complete, already sounds way better and can be used as a social commentary, something I also see no traces of in their as described this far.

- They want to pay story developers & game developers, among others. I honestly don't want to pay anyone anything if it can be avoided as long as there is no real economy in our game and it isn't finished, and it can, it seems, in most cases except artists. And if it was possible then as well I would avoid that also. Reason is not that I'm scrooge, as I have already paid a lot, even when I have been unemployed and still living on a part time job eating lentils. Reason is that you get better quality when people do something because they like it and believe in it, in contrast to they do it because they were only hired. This shows arguably maybe even more in storytelling and rules-writing. You can't buy love. And if you do, what the heck happens with the game once the funding stops? Do the developers abandon it, or can they suddenly work for free, which they hitherto could not? I also think it's wicked that people want to get paid for doing something they already are doing and do as a past-time anyhow - their hobby. Sure, it might be nice for the individual, but a whole project built on that premise begs all sorts of questions in my head, a sentiment shared by Kitty that I quoted on the donations-page...

- It seems to focus on digital play only.

- It is suggested several times that play is done centrally, via connections to their site/servers.

I hope they succeed though, as I believe competition is a very healthy thing. Will keep an eye on how well their funding attempt fares, mainly because I'm interested in what we could expect of the same.
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