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Re: Our own font

Post by Q_x » Sat Dec 15, 2012 18:46

As for glyphs choosen - there are always some obscure items left, I don't mind typing even those craziest ones. Take daggers, double exclamation mark, integrals, ohm sign, just not Greek omega, which looks identical to ohm. You may as well take is identical (three horizontal lines) glyph...

We're an international assembly here, there are few people using some given (specific) layout. I'm usually ending with alt+numpad (on windoze), glyph table of some sort, or just copy-pasting from somewhere where I keep a copy of what's impossible to type. Of course you can smuggle political statement of some kind, making some nations really unhappy. But if it's Liberation Serif... :D

(Quiz for all of you, beloved readers: without looking up, who uses t with second stroke: ŧ? And how did you found out?)
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Re: Our own font

Post by Mattaiyah » Fri Apr 05, 2013 12:51

There's nothing more fun than learning that something you thought was finished actually isn't.

Apparently, I forgot to add the (T) symbol, as well as the gold costs being larger than they should be. Why we didn't figure this out back in December is beyond me.

The font is available here.

The font still uses the US (International) layout, and the (T) symbol replaces the ¥ (found at AltGr + -).

[ = Mark
] = Assign
AltGr + Number = Number Gold Cost
AltGr + 0 = X Gold Cost
AltGr + - (as in, the minus symbol next to the 0) = (T)
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