Posting cards formatting rules

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Posting cards formatting rules

Post by Erundil » Mon Jul 08, 2013 00:20

Since there are no rules on this, I think we should at least make at least a list of good practices when posting them.

A card should be posted listing cost, type, rule text and then attack and defense, such as this:
Cost: gold cost - loyalty cost
Type: card type
Rule text of things done by the card
Considerations concerning the card's attributes in the first post would then be posted in italic, eg:
I think it should be 0/1
Other concerns would be posted in bold, limiting to a title in case of a paragraph, eg:
I think we should check some rules for this one
I have concerns
Maybe this card is a bit out-of-faction because bla bla bla and so on and i have a very long text about it so it would be annoying having it all in bold.

Once the changes are agreed the card attributes/discussions in the first post are updated.
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