Join us

We’re very happy that you’re willing to join us and there are many ways to participate.

have fun
Play (test) arcmage with your friends, and send us your feedback.

tell your friends
Tweet/blog about us, like us on facebook, post in forums, just spread the word to your friends, what we do and that we need them. It helps a lot. You are one of thousands that can help us reach out even if we are not a huge corp that can afford ads.

card inventor
Read the rules and get a feeling for the factions and then start creating cards in our card database. We can never get too many suggestions and you never know – some may make it into the official release of the game.

rule developers
If you are an experienced cardgame/boardgame player, like testing and improving rules, think you can create a CCG that is better than Magic and know how much work it takes to accomplish it then you might be the one we seek.
Join the arcmage rules team or form your own, creating the rules from scratch, but getting all our art assets.

awesome artists
Position open for an in-house artist that is willing to work on art creation, for free (like the rest of us). If you have skills that match all our some of our current style or you know you can do better you would have a home in our team. Take a look around and consider it: You work in your own tempo, have total creative freedom and your art & name will reach thousands of people.

By filling in this form we’ll send you a one-time personal email and give you write access to our forum.