Creating Faction Logos

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Faction logos fill the following functions in the game:

  • Container for the gold cost of the card.
  • Tell the players which rules that apply in certain situations. I.e. an ability may only target members of the Rebel faction.
  • Thematic: Adds atmosphere to the game.


Faction logos should meet the following criteria when they're designed:

  • Made in vector format. Preferably in Inkscape, but not required.
  • Use proper layering.
  • Scale down well to small sizes. See references to the right.
  • Hence they should be low on details.
  • Easily distinguishable from each other in both shape & colour.
  • Mostly solid/filled in not too many colours.
  • Not violating any copyrights.
  • Licensed under the same terms as the rest of WTactics is.