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  • Flavour text is often a short piece of text that is not necessary to play the game.
  • It must not be an expression of the rules.
  • Text that relates to the rules is called card text.

Goals & Purpose

  • To give the players something more and optional to explore, read and do while in between turns.
  • Add character and identity to a card, give it more of a mini-literary story.
  • Entertain by adding to the better understanding of the game's universe and/or make the player react by using cocky, provocative texts should.


Original Rules Concept (ORC)

Notice: While the above paragraphs should apply to all development paths, this one is only relevant to the original rules concept (ORC) path led by snowdrop. If you are developing a set of rules for WTactics and want to use flavour texts differently than in the following, you are welcome to do so.

  • Cards that have enough room in their green footer should all get flavour texts.
    • Creature cards will usually have room for flavour text.
    • Some cards that are of different card type will however be excluded due to their art covering much space.
    • Reason for not putting flavour text in the card text area is that we've chosen to go with a minimalistic approach - we want our version of WT to be as aesthetically uncluttered as possible in the text area.
    • We also believe that the separation of the flavour text and card text, by putting the flavour in the footer, add to card text readability and to a clear way of showing what is what. Everything not vital to the game while playing it should not be in the card text area.
  • Text should clearly and in a thematic way relate to what the card does and what's going on in the card.
    • Usually that would be a thematic expression and continuation of a theme suggested by the cards name or by it's artwork.
    • Flavour texts should never describe or repeat what is already obviously communicated by the card artwork.
  • Flavour texts will most often have to be very short.
    • The max amount of characters allowed in a flavour text would approximately be 33, including white spaces.
    • Example: "This can hold aprox 33 characters" is an example of a text containing 33 characters including white spaces
    • In some cases the text could be somewhat longer, in many somewhat shorter.
    • We will not use punctuation if it can be avoided.