Creature Creation

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These pages are under heavy construction & only intended for the developers. Notice that most of the info will change.
Please contact us if you want to help us out or join the dev. team.



  • Creature's default, printed, attack/defense is usually an integer between 1 to 10.
  • Creatures can have 0 attack, but not less than 1 DEF as default value.
  • Numbers can never be negative, and there's no upper limit how high ATK/DEF can become while being modified in game.
  • Values are somewhat adjusted in relation to certain attributes, such as species, faction, abilities etc. Please see mindmap for more specifics.


  • Creatures usually have between 0 to 2 abilities.
  • Creatures with more than 2 abilities are very rare and have serious drawbacks or costs associated with them.
  • All abilities a creature has should

Faction Modifiers