Dev meeting 2011-05-29

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Meeting started as planned at 16.00, snowdrop was unofficial chair of the event. We had some sound issues, and after checking anything out we happily get the meeting going. Some sound issues remained on snowdrops side. Recording is available here: and is a baffling 2h 50min that is not to be repeated.

Participants: foodoo, Q_x, snowdrop, Gaellicio

Joined later: TorbenBeta, verbalshadow

Meeting discussions

Cardscape development

(in no specific order)

  • Last thing that needs to be implemented for version 1.0: Official cards (as opposed to cards in dev. state)
  • Basic features first before all the additional goodies are added
  • Cardscape has a modular design that should enable other people to adapt it for other games
  • Card SQL table is dynamically generated based on the card definition
  • CS should support creating dummy-cards (as images) for playtesting
  • Official cards should be laid out manually as there is hardly any way to automate this with a good looking result
  • CS uses smarty so that non-coders can adapt the design. CS itself uses PHP and MySQL (PDO interface)
  • CS will probably never support dynamic reorganization of card tables (example: New card type introduced like Planeswalker from MTG). Too much of a hassle to implement in a general way. It's more reliable for the admin to reinstall CS with a new card definition and import the old cards in some way
  • There are no plans for a plugin-interface
  • No fixed timeline for CS. It's done when it's done
  • Snowdrop wants to look for more coders for the project
  • CS is licensed under the AGPL3 because it is a web based project. As with most cloud services, this is a tricky situation for the users. The sourcecode is available at sourceforge in a git repo.
  • The CS design document should also be available in said repo. Foodoo tries to stick to it as much as possible
  • It should be possible to simulate "editions" with cardscape. You just need to add another STRING value to the card definitions file

Projects bottlenecks

  • Manpower needed:
    • Rule developers
    • PHP coders
  • Possible solutions
    • Working more
    • Making more noise
    • Releasing anything playable
    • Publishing manifesto - Q_x will handle making a mockup
    • Taking care for viusual identity - that is logo, banners for web pages - not as important as other urgent tasks. We need logo first and evaluate it later.

Card layout and template

  • Discussions about various issues raised by Q_x/verbalshadow will be held in forum.
  • snowdrop is going to fix the new bottom segment on the template.
  • Red Banner template needs additional colourisation proposals.
  • Fixed workflow:
  1. Snowdrop takes care for providing improved template
  2. Someone (that is Verbalshadow, Snowdrop or Q_x, or all of them) make more coloration attempts
  3. We discuss the new template for a short time, in case of no issues
  4. Q_x will check if the new template causes no issues and exports to bitmap well
  5. Q_x will typeset new batch of cards

Conclusions for organizing the next meeting

  • It should be about hour long.
  • We can try to squeeze discussions into timeboxes, so that less important discussion takes place after the meetings.
  • There are no topics moved to be discussed during next meeting.

Meeting conclusions and decisions

We decided to:

  • stick to the new card template with artwork not cropped on sides and better use of the bottom area.
  • discuss elements of the template on the forums:
    • what is wrong with the template and how to improve it
    • threshold representation - numerical vs symbols.
    • do we need more detailed logos?


  • Have an agenda before the next meeting
  • Use timeboxes only focus on the important dicussions during the meetings