Dev meeting 2011-06-12

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Meeting started as planned at 16.00, snowdrop was unofficial chair of the event. Recording is available here: and is aprox. 40 minutes.

Participants: Q_x, snowdrop, Gaellicio, TorbenBeta Joined later: foodoo

Agenda for 12:th of June 2011

  • Follow up from previous meeting: Which of the assigned tasks have been finished?
  • Other progress reports
  • bottlenecks and impediments
    • infrastructure impediments: bzr protocol is terribly slow with binary files, it takes me hours to upload images.
  • Misc.
    • TorbenBeta asks about finances

Meeting Summary

Follow up from previous meeting

  • snowdrop almost completed event card template, but didn't complete creature card.

Other progress reports

  • Q_x has done some logo sketches

Bottlenecks and impediments

  • Q_x described the situation with bzr taking 5h and 1GB of data to upload 10 mb of changes.


  • snowdrop accounts for the project finances for TorbenBeta: The project has almost no server costs yet and no debts.

Assigned tasks

  • snowdrop: complete creature template, search for php coder


  • We will migrate binary/image hosting from bzr & launchpad and are investigating other options like for example FTP & dropbox-like services. Migration is set to take place before October 2011.