Dev meeting 2012-06-24

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Meeting started some minutes over 16.00, snowdrop was unofficial chair of the event. Recording is available here: and is aprox. 1h 30 min.

Participants: aspidites (no mic), Gallaecio, Mattaiyah, snowdrop

Agenda for 24:th of June 2012

  • Summer goals: What goals do everyone have with their sub-projects for the summer?
  • The Shadowguild story: Where does it stand and why is it so hard to nail it?
  • Card Brainstorming

Meeting Summary

Summer Goals

  • Mattaiyah & snowdrop will try to complete 3 templates (2 red banner and 1 shadow guid) before autumn. Mattaiyah has August free and snowdrop has 3 weeks in July. Mattaiyah also gets info about other ways to contribute, among others maintaining the LackeyCCG plugin.
  • aspidites will try to have something "playable" in/with ViCE to show before autumn.
  • Gallaecio is on stand-by with translations and peaks on other WT-related subprojects.

Shadowguild Story

Is in forum and getting nowhere due to snowdrop not ever being satisified with their (un)originality and lack of flavour. All are welcome to try to develop it further.

Card Brainstorming

Skipped due to lack of time.