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Git is used as a version control system for Cardscape and Sandscape. This is a short tutorial how to work with Git and Cardscape.

First of all, clone the repository:

git clone ssh:// 

If you only need reading-access simply use:

git clone git://

You need to tell git who you are. That means you must execute the following commands with the appropriate parameters:

git config
git config

It seems that your e-mail-address doesn't need to be valid. I advise you to write gibberish as your e-mail adress because it will appear in the public commit messages and spammers will be able to harvest it.

After that you can start editing stuff.

Now you need to explicitly add modified files with

git add FILE

(It's possible to automatically add modified files with "git commit -a")

And then do a local commit with

git commit

And afterwards you can do a remote commit with

git push