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Agenda for the next meeting

Time: Undecided Place: #WTactics, and if all participants have Mumble installed and ready to go then we could perhaps use voice-chat instead.

Topics: To be decided.

All are welcome.

Meeting procedures


We may meet at Sundays, 16.00 GMT, if:

  • The meeting has been publicly called for at least five days in advance via ping & forum.
  • There is an announced agenda above on this page with clear paragraphs for the meeting.


  • Participation on the meetings is very encouraged but by no means mandatory.
  • Every developer has the right to call to a meeting.
  • Non-developers and the general public has the right to participate as passive audience during any meeting that has been announced as official.
  • Meeting should preferably be done as a voice conference using Mumble.
  • Please notice that we when Mumble is used record the meetings for the sake of clarity and that these recordings are public: Don't leave out any personal data!
  • Should a developer that wishes to participate not have the possibility to use voice conference he/she may demand that we use our IRC #WTactics channel instead.
  • Meeting time should be limited to about an hour when with voice, somewhat longer on IRC.
  • Long discussions are not to be had during meetings: Such communication should have been completed previously, preferably in our forum, or as voice conference/chat.
  • Use the {{NoMeeting}} tag in Agenda for the next meeeting after a meeting has been held to clear it of old info.
  • Participants of the meeting should all help out to create an easy to follow summary of held meetings (as seen in Previous Meetings below) and also make available a recordings of them if they were held as voice conference.