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Its a draft now. We decided to make use of this document in an extraordinary manner: We divided it across departments and sketched few steps ahead for a given department. Each step is planned towards better gameplay, each step results in something "real" going out of the project. This is not a "task list" type of roadmap, which is common in software development, but rather careful plan of developing good game, that Wesnoth Tactics is going to be soon, hopefully. Our project simply looks too complicated to put it into linear set of milestones and tasks. There are some ideas that need to be checked in practice, though.

Web & community activity

The Emperor's New Clothes

 Tools small.png Snowdrop.jpg  More attractive site: Making our web nest look really attractive for our new guests, and more appealing to developers..   ~ by snowdrop
 Check.png   snowdrop     by: New index page
 Redpower.png   snowdrop     wished by: New Wiki Skin

Gathering Tribes

 Redpower.png   snowdrop     wished by: Gaian Intro Page
 Redpower.png   snowdrop     wished by: Red Banner Intro Page
 Redpower.png   snowdrop     wished by: House of Nobles Intro Page
 Redpower.png   snowdrop     wished by: Empire

Rule set development and manual

Meta Morphine

Have a clear view of all the card types that are used inside of our game. Document it throughly.

  • Written clear guidelines for why, on what grounds and when new card types should be created.
  • Named all card types.
    • Currently only Creatures, Event, Equipment & Artifacts are named.
  • Outlined faction abilities in core set
  • Write a part of manual related to the topic

Example item: Blood Pressure

Have a clear view on how the game works. Write down initial set of rules and refine those

Example item: Beta Blockers

To complete this operation, initial rulebook has to be released in PDF form for internal development purpose

Example item: Calcium channel

Getting feedback from players is our main goal here. Release initial manual for players. Gather feedback. Draw conclusions.

Gaian faction cards development

Clove Morning

Gaian Playtest Development Page

Release Gaian faction in state ready for wide playtesting and entertainment. After it finishes - proceed to Clove Evening operation.

  • Created about 50 Gaian cards with(out) art.
  • Created Gaian Scribus template.
  • Updated LackeyCCG patch.
  • Playtested & revised.

Evening Forest

Needs Clove Morning operation to be finished first. Release Gaian faction in state 100% ready for ordinary player, with its features frozen.

  • Get all art for Gaian cards.
  • Assemble Gaian cards.
  • Update LackeyCCG patch so it gets all graphics.
  • Playtest & revise.
  • Rules freeze: Core rules, e.g. resource and attack systems are set in stone.

Other factions

Other factions will be taken care of after finishing Clove Morning


Example item: Rosetta

Translated most important set of static pages

Example item: Babylon

Translated officially released game cards

Example item: Alexandria

Translated final version of game manual

Card game app

 Star small.png 40px   Create gcCG module: with latest playtesting cards obtained from snowdrop.   ~ to isharacomix
 Redpower.png   snowdrop     wished by: Change resolution gcCG

Artwork management

Creative Canvas

Easy approach and entry for new artists should be our main goal here. We would need a graphical design document consisting of:

  • workflow description
  • detailed style guide
  • examples
  • links to tutorials


The goal is to have stylistic guide needed for every faction.

Brushes & knives

The goal is to attract artists to work upon card artwork

  • Create a dedicated page for this purpose.
    • Explain what the game is about and what open source means.
    • Inform about huge creative freedom & why they're very needed in this project.
    • Offer only artist that contribute with a piece for free to have names printed on each card.
    • Offer personal accounts on our blog where they can post about their works/projects.
    • Link back to their sites & support them any way we can.
  • Export it to a pdf booklet.

Media and advertizing

Example item: Black Celebration

Search for help in game development communities, find and ask podcasters and bloggers for coverage

Example item: White wedding

Look for obstacles for newcoming players, ask major web and paper magazines for some attention

Project management

First cry (done here)

Identify and pinpoint all the design elements that need managing at all. This should give immediate overview on whole project, its divisions and scopes.

First steps (probably done)

Prepare 1-2 first steps for every of design elements.

Standing straight

Make sure everything is running smooth. Be sure to develop working mechanisms that take care of issues blocking eachother.


// none right now