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Every wiki should have a sandbox to play in. Everything here is ephemeral; don't expect it to survive. It's for playing around with wiki formatting and stuff.

The table of contents numbering is produced strangely. Notice that different header levels can get the same numbering level. Below, Alpha is 1 and Epsilon is 2, even though they're different levels:


Alpha is a "==" heading.


This one is too.


Delta is a "===" heading . . .


. . . and so is Gamma.


But Epsilon is a big daddy single "=" heading!

  • testing out the

bullet points system.

  • don't mind me.

1. This is the first item.

2. This is the second item. It has a really long line to show what happens when non-pound-sign numeric lists are formatted with literal numbers and a dot, and entered like a paragraph.

3. This is a third item, same as #2, but with two spaces after the dot.

Card Template Test

Gaian Hater

NameGaian Hater