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A truly free tabletop strategy game played with cards, and also playable online if a friend isn’t nearby. That sums it all up: We’re creating a game that’s free to play both on the table at home and also online. We’ll give you the rules, high-resolution versions of all the cards, we’ll keep you updated on the game’s development, and also invite you to participate in the development of the game.

WTactics is a game by players, for players, with the community in mind. We already have all the graphics. All we need is a ruleset, and that’s where you and your friends enter the scene as developers. WTactics is all about co-operation and creating something together, supporting each other even if we work on different rule sets.


  • high on strategy, low on luck
  • several unique factions and more than 120 unique units with their own traits and abilities
  • only 30 - 60 cards needed for a complete army
  • two players, an hour to play
  • no need for a board or special material
  • no collecting: give you every card that exists!
  • playable for free, online or on the kitchen table
  • none of the ads, sign-ups or fees etc. that many so-called "freeâ" games lure you into



For tabletop play we’ll provide you with all the cards in various common high-resolution and high quality formats such as PNG or PDF. You’ll be able to download them and print them out or, as we recommend, produce top quality digital photographic versions by using any service that is to your liking. Once you have the cards you only need to cut them out and then put them in standard plastic sleeves which can be bought in any local game store.


If you want to play the game online instead you will be able to download it as a patch for an open source card game engine, which will allow you to play as much as you want and for free, without being bothered by advertisements. We will support Windows, Mac and Linux. We happily allow anyone to port the game to whatever platform he/she feels like.


In short, you may play the game, duplicate it however you want, spread it and even sell it if you want to, but whatever you do you must always do it according to the GPL license(s) we use. Those are: GPL2 or later and also, to be more explicit, the GPL3. Which one of them you use is up to you.

A part of those licenses demand that a copy of the license is to be included with the game when you spread the game and/or its related material.

A very important point is also that the licenses are copyleft and self-propagating: However you use WTactics and/or its material the end product would still be licensed under the same licenses as WTactics itself. The two paragraphs above are two important points from the licenses, but there are others. You should read the licenses in order to fully understand your rights and obligations. We also recommend that you read the following explanatory texts on the subject: Frequently Asked Questions about the GNU Licenses, GPLv3 Discussion Draft FAQ and a white paper called GPLv2 vs. GPLv3: The two seminal open source licenses, their roots, consequences, and repercussions.

Breaking down the licensing into a more detailed manner reveals that:

  • All art used from Battle for Wesnoth is under GPL2 or later according to its maintainers (revision from 17 March 2008, at 01:31).
  • All a) original artwork in this project and b) non-original but legally acquired artwork for this project is licensed using the GPL2 or later and, for the sake of clarity, the GPL3 license.

The GPL2 and later and the GPL3 are compatible licenses.

  • In accordance with the license(s) all game related material is available in its preferred format(s) either from this site and its subdomains or by personal request via e-mail.
  • The project’s founder and/or representatives appointed by that individual also has a reserved right to, at any time, revise which and how open source license(s) will be used for this project’s original content (this effectively excludes all content that is BfW-original and that originates from the BfW project). This paragraph exists to save the project from, at present time, unforeseen and unwanted problems that could relate to the license we currently use and that might be discovered in the future. If indeed license usage(s) are revised it will be done so that the project is guaranteed to stay free and open source, as defined by the Open Source Initiative.

Please contact us if you have any questions.