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Red Banner

Play style: Many cheap creatures, cheap to play, aggressive, guerilla, lack damage prevention

Orcs, gobo's, other non-humans and also human ex-peasants and workers starting to unite in the cities, rising about, seeking outwards again to rally in guerilla-style struggles charging merchant convoys from the mountains, pillaging weak castles etc and slowly spreading conciousness among their class about the only relevant struggle - the one that will free them all from what is explicit or disguised slavery. Number one enemy is anything that exploits the very fibre of their being and, indirectly, anything that stands in the way. They're also deeply offended by the Gaian notion of peacefull living, as they have seen that peace changes nothing and that power is never released or shared - it can only be taken from the grips of those that posses it.


Play style: Mostly cheap to normal creatures, punishes aggression, more damage prevention than attack

Nature-loving, ethical people, trying to save forrests and waters from exploitation, saving moder earth. Peacefull & loving, yet logical. Focus on calming aggression, and neutralizing those that do harm. Wants to save what already exists from whatever forces that wants to harm it.


Play style: Slow, hard hitting units, expensive

Once a great force a la the Roman empire in our own world, today just a tenth or so of it's former glory it is struggling to re-stablish itself and squash all opposition beneath a uniting foot. They are slow, well armored and very shiny and militaristic. Wants to re-stablish itself and some heir to the throne probably also wants a gruesome vengeance against somebody that ha noble and back-stabbing blood.

House of Nobles

Style: Dwarf mercs

Somehow an effort to make all the lands keep free from the Empire's renewed grip but also in conflict with the backbones of it's power - the very labour they exploit, thus opposing the Red Banner. They want a liberal and more democratic world where every citizen (which is not to say "everyone") can vote since popularity is easily manipulated trhough coin, which they also use to hire mercenary armies, dispatched to do their bidding. Nobles rose from the ashes from the fall of the original Empire - they quickly became the elite of society through their wealth and smartness to organize it. Now they seek to consolidate what they have.


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